TEST SHOOT / TFCD TERMS / CONDITIONS (please read and understand these before contacting me for a test shoot):

I do limited TFCD / Test Shoots with Newbie models and models who I feel can add to my portfolio and whom I feel I can help with theirs.

Before contacting me for TFCD please have a concept / look or theme in mind and let me know what your "amazing shoot idea" is that would compel me to want to shoot with you.

I mostly shoot on weekends and Mondays often starting after 1:00 in the afternoon.

MUA's are required for shoots.

Although I don't wish to exceed anyone's comfort level some edgier looks border on implied topless.  If you are uncomfortable with this you would be best to seek another photographer to work with.

If you are only comfortable working when accompanied by a escort you would be more comfortable working with another photographer.  Assistants or friends to help you with wardrobe, personal needs are welcome.

I shoot in a small permanent studio located in my house, shoots last up to 5 hours as I don't like being rushed.

I may require non-agency signed models to sign a non-commercial (self promotion purposes only) model release / usage agreement before commencing a shoot.

Please come prepared to shoot, that means freshly showered, with clean hair (or a day old if your hair is frizzy on the first day after a shower).  Well maintained finger nails, clear polish or polish that isn't chipped if color nails are appropriate to the shoot.  Bring proper clothing, accessories and shoes with a eye to the type of shoot.  If we are shooting implied please bring a strapless flesh toned bra and something loose fitting to avoid elastic marks on the skin.  Bring a basic makeup kit, hair kit and proper ID.  If no MUA is scheduled come with your makeup done, ready to shoot.  Please bring any music that you would like to listen to (CD's) and avoid excessive texting / cell phone use during the active shoot unless absolutely necessary.

I request that unedited, un-retouched proofs not be displayed.  My permission is required before having anyone other than me retouch the shoot images.  Please note that I do not give out all the images from my shoots, poorly shot frames, eye blinks, etc., will be edited out before burning the proof DVD.

I request credited me when displaying my images whenever possible or practical.

Due to time constraints and in order to accommodate as many TF* requests as possible, while maintaining some semblance of a life, I only supply between 3 to 5 retouched images of my choice, web and print sized, untagged.  Although I encourage models to offer final image selection input, in order to be fair to me (in regards of having usable prints for my book), I need to have the option of deciding which images (are possible to) get final retouching.     

I don't normally give prints or CD/DVDs instead I email the retouched images as I complete them (Time For Image).  I am usually overbooked so retouching may take up to 4 weeks, possibly longer.   Sorry, I cannot accommodate TF* models who demand more images than the above or wish to have total image selection control at this time.

I ask that models confirm their agreed upon shoot date / time 24 hours prior to the scheduled time of the shoot, if I don't receive confirmation, or if you are more than 45 minutes late I will consider the shoot canceled and give the time slot away to a model on my standby list.

If any of the above conditions are a concern I would strongly recommend you consider shooting with another photographer, although I'm always open for queries on shoot details so that there are no misunderstandings.

My location and contact info, along with a map can be found on my website:  www.digiography.ca if you scroll down below the gallery.

Sample Model Release.


Thank you,



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